Bridge the Gap:

Onsite and Virtual Events

Provide Extended, Expert Services to Event Guests

As groups return to your hotel, they will be looking for expert help to extend their onsite event to include remote speakers and attendees.

Those who can provide their groups with an enriching experience virtually that rivals the onsite event will have a fantastic opportunity to retain existing business and attract new events.

Let XpoNet, and our extended business line at Xpodigital, serve as your partner and act as an extension of your team. 

With over 20 years of experience serving Fortune 100 Tech events across the globe, we know how to maximize your client's event efforts. Additionally, our onsite solutions at locations like the Swan and Dolphin Resort and the Hilton Orlando give us expert insight into what's working right now. 

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Our advice will help you:

  • Lead event planners to successfully bridge onsite and virtual audiences
  • Redesign the capacity and capabilities of onsite event spaces
  • Guide event planners to explore successful themes to engage each space
  • Offer onsite attendees property wide and in room streaming options
  • Create an inclusive event with virtual speakers and attendees